Keeping Track of the Deals – Sunday Edition

Recently I did some grocery shopping at Kroger – increasingly rare ever since they stopped doubling coupons. However, they had some great deals on chicken and with some nice coupons, I couldn’t pass it up. Kroger was offering a deal where certain item yielded 3x fuel points. Somehow, after spending only $69, I ended up with over 1,800 fuel points! That translates to $1.80 off each gallon of gas I would buy. Today F and I used up 1,000 of those points filling up both our cars.

Original Cost before fuel point redemption: 31.5 gallons (2 cars) at $3.37 a gallon: $105.52

Final Cost after redemption (paid $2.37 a gallon) – $74.53  – that’s a savings of $31!!

(Plus, I redeemed 800 more points on my own and saved another $12 or so). So I got a $43 return on spending $69 at Kroger! Yay!


Keeping Track of the Deals – Day 2

Just a quick run to my favorites places – Harris Teeter and CVS:

1. HT – lots of great Buy 2, Get 3 free deals plus free toothpaste

Original price before coupons and sales: $64

Final price I paid: $23.49 (saved 63%)

2. CVS – needed Oxyclean detergent (not on sale)

Original price: $11.81

Final price after coupons and ECB’s: $2.59 (saved 78%)

Keepin’ track of the deals – Day 1

I’m starting to realize it would be fun to keep track of the deals I find – hopefully to inspire or encourage. Perhaps also to help me remember and be able to give examples when folks ask for advice on finding good deals. So here goes:

1. Harris-Teeter – picked up lots of BOGO items (Sister Shubert’s, Pepperidge Farm bread) and free noodles and Chobani yogurt. Main costs were milk and egg nog.

Original price for everything: $34

What I paid w/sales and coupons: $13.81 – saved 60%!

2. Play It Again Sports – I found a bike trailer! I had been talking with someone on Craig’s List about one for $75. Went to PIAS to buy a soccer ball for B and saw the trailer. Nicer brand for $79.99. First guy I talked to said he could give me 10% off when I asked if the price was negotiable. Asked some more questions, ended up talking to another guy – I pointed out some things that were missing (accessories I’d have to buy) and he promised to see how low he could go.

Final price was $60 including tax – 30% off! Woo Hoo!

3. Designer Shoe Warehouse – got an email from DSW today w/two coupons – $10 off a $10+ purchase for Women, and the same for Men. Basically free $20 – heck yeah! So headed on over and picked F up some nice socks (after the coupon, 95 cents + tax!) and some leggings for me ($7.95 + tax). Can’t beat that.

Original Price: $28.90 + tax      Final Price: $8.90 + tax! (saved 69%)

4. Chick-Fil-A – F and I signed up to receive texts from our local CFA, just a few minutes from our house. They often send texts offering free food/drinks during a specific time of the day. From 3-5 pm today, it was a large sweet tea!

Final Price – 2 FREE sweet teas!

5. Cici’s Pizza – yes, not super-healthy but a treat sometimes when I’m not up for cooking. Had a BOGO coupon for an Adult Buffet. Kids 3 and under eat free. We all drank water. Guessing there’s no better deal out there for 3 people to eat all they want.

Final Price – $5.38 for 2 adults and 1 two year old to enjoy a pizza and salad buffet!


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