Keeping Track of the Deals – Sunday Edition

Recently I did some grocery shopping at Kroger – increasingly rare ever since they stopped doubling coupons. However, they had some great deals on chicken and with some nice coupons, I couldn’t pass it up. Kroger was offering a deal where certain item yielded 3x fuel points. Somehow, after spending only $69, I ended up with over 1,800 fuel points! That translates to $1.80 off each gallon of gas I would buy. Today F and I used up 1,000 of those points filling up both our cars.

Original Cost before fuel point redemption: 31.5 gallons (2 cars) at $3.37 a gallon: $105.52

Final Cost after redemption (paid $2.37 a gallon) – $74.53  – that’s a savings of $31!!

(Plus, I redeemed 800 more points on my own and saved another $12 or so). So I got a $43 return on spending $69 at Kroger! Yay!


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